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My All-2000's Hitters

  • Catcher- Joe Mauer: He's been a stud since day one. He's only twenty six but is probably considered the best at his position. A two time batting champ at the catcher position is a rarity. Great athletic ability being a stud football player in high school. Was a supertstar before but seams to be developing a power game, just another weapon for him.

  • First base- Albert Pujols: This was a pretty easy pick considering he's probably the best player of any player in the 2000 decade. He's been a terror since his rookie of the year winning season in 2001. A seven time all star in this decade, two time batting champ, two time MVP. I don't think anyone can debate this pick. Sure fire future Hall of Famer.

  • Second base- Jeff Kent: I picked Jeff Kent because he was really the only person I could think of who could compete for this spot. Players such as Ian Kinsler, Dustin Pedroia, and Chase Utley haven't been around for entire decade so I picked Kent. His attitude wasn't always liked but his talent was undeniable. He made four All-Star games and won one MVP during this decade.

  • Third Base- Alex Rodriguez: I placed A-Rod here because he's played more 3B during this decade then SS. He is at the level of Albert Pujols as far as talent and statistics. Six time All-Star at third, eight in total. Three time MVP. Despite the steroid scandal and all, I personally just take it as part of the era. He is the best pick for this position.

  • Shortstop- Miguel Tejeda: Miguel Tejeda is here because A-Rod is at 3B. Earlier in the decade he was one of the best at the position although overshadowed by the likes of Rodriguez, Nomar Garciaparra, and Derek Jeter. A five time All-Star and an MVP winner. I like him more then Jeter so he gets the nod.

  • Outfielder- Ichiro Suzuki: Ichiro burst on to the scene in 2001 with Albert Pujols. He became one of only two player ever to win the ROY and MVP in the same season joining only Fred Lynn. He broke the single season hit record in 2004. Eight time All-Star, tow time batting champ. He's a player that does everything including his eight gold glove awards.

  • Outfield- Barry Bonds: As much as it pains me to put him here I really have to since I made an exception for A-Rod. What he did in this decade is undeniable. Breaking the all-time HR record and smashing numerous other records in the process. It's too bad the juice and a rotten attitude had to taint such a spectacular career.

  • Outfield- Ken Griffey Jr.: I know most of his success came in the 90's but he still carried some of it over in to this decade. He is the polar opposite of the man before him. He was always a fan favorite and carried himself like a true professional. I really felt obligated to put him on this list.
Let me know what you think. I will put out my list of pitchers eventually.
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